Vive tu Casa

Live your House

Live your home as you have always imagined. We know how important it is for you and your family to enjoy and live your home, if one of your goals for the New Year was to remodel your home and you still have not achieved it, do not be discouraged because here we will tell you how you can easily achieve it.

These tips will guide you to achieve it in the blink of an eye:

Do you already know what you want to change?

First you must check which area of ​​your home is the one you want to remodel or finish, perhaps with the rainy season you realized that your house needs to be waterproofed, or the family has grown and you need to start building an extra room, you can also Some areas of your home may need finishes such as paint, tile, or flooring.

The saying goes: Rome wasn't built in a day. Establish the change or remodeling that has priority to start with that project and that you do not divert your attention between several, since this could cause that in the end you do not specify any. Remember that having a step-by-step plan is what will bring you closer to the result you expect.

Set a budget.

Once you've chosen the project with the highest priority, create a budget that includes:

  1. The necessary materials.
  2. Workforce.
  3. Transportation (if necessary).
  4. Additional features.

Compare options to find out which one is the best for you between quality, price and project completion time. Remember to allocate a part of your remodeling or construction budget to unforeseen events that may arise.


Invest a percentage of your income, which does not affect your regular expenses, in your project, in case you need more money than you imagined in Te Creemos can support you with our Credit Finish Your House focused on business owners who plan to do remodeling or changes in your home; Whether the house or land where you live is yours, your parents, grandparents or spouse, you can apply for this loan that will help you meet the goals you have to improve your home.

Don't imagine it, believe it. Live your home as you have always wanted to.

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