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SME Credit

Credit for Companies like yours that are growing

There is a vast group of micro entrepreneurs who have managed to be successful and whose businesses are growing at galloping rates. Their financial needs are also growing at the same rate, however, many of them maintain operational characteristics that exclude them from the possibility of being served by the bank.

We Believe You, an expert in analyzing individual businesses, has also developed the ability to understand their particular operational characteristics and thus, serves them with the opportunity and speed they require.

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SME Credit


  • Be between 18 and 69 years old plus 364 days.
  • Valid Personal Identification (Official).
  • Proof of address no older than 3 months from the date of issue.
  • CURP.
  • Copy of RFC (for Formal SMEs).
  • Be the owner of the business.
  • Have a minimum of two years in operation in the business.
  • Have two years on the premises.
  • Have a credit history attached to the policies of We Believe You.
  • Have an endorsement.
  • Provide telephone and field references.
  • Provide collateral.

Prevention Program

Banner del Programa de Prevención

Research or Formalization Expenses 5% plus VAT on the gross amount of the credit, One time only. Administration or account management expenses 10% per year plus VAT on the gross amount of the credit. Collection expenses of $ 100.00 MN plus Monthly VAT, Per Event. This credit is available in all our regions indicated on the map. The contracting and payment of your credit will be made in Mexican pesos. AVERAGE CAT 107.5% Without VAT, for informational and comparison purposes. Calculation date October 31, 2021. Effective from October 31, 2021 to April 30, 2022, with a fixed annual interest rate of 50.60%, with an average loan amount of $320,960.70 M.N. Failure to comply with your obligations can generate commissions and late interest. Contracting credits above your payment capacity can affect your credit history. The guarantor, joint obligor or co-creditor will correspond as the main obligor against the Financial Institution.

In case of any query, claim or clarification, you can contact the User Service UNE at the phone 5555842233 Ext. 1294 and email une@tecreemos.com; or you can consult the CONDUSEF on their website www.condusef.gob.mx, phones: 5553400999 and 8009998080, and email asesoria@condusef.gob.mx

How can I get a credit in We Believe You?

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