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Prevention Programs

Basic Prevention Program

Your Credit protects you with a Basic Package, know the benefits of having it:

  • Valid for the credit holder.
  • The acceptable age range: 18 to 69 with 364 days.
  • Exclusions: Suicide.
  • Have joint obligation.
  • Does not apply preexistence.

1. Funeral Assistance.

Request the service by phone and within 24 hours. following the death of the Holder.

  • Preparation and arrangement of the body (not embalmed).
  • Standard metal casket.
  • Wake-up service.
  • Burial service or cremation service.
  • Transfer by carriage (destination of vigil and to the cemetery for 20km, the additional kilometers will be covered by the family member who requests with preferential cost).
  • Refund does not apply.

2. Telephone Medical Guidance.

3. Sending a doctor to your home or consultation with a specialist at a special price.

4. Telephone Educational Assistance.

5. Telephone Psychological Assistance.

6. Telephone Assistance Against Bullying.

7. Telephone Legal Assistance.

Basic Prevention Program


If unfortunately we have the death of a client or his spouse, the beneficiary will receive financial support for up to 50 thousand pesos.


In the event of an accident, medical expenses incurred from a minimum expense of 200 to 4 thousand pesos will be reimbursed.


In the event of the death of a client, the total balance of the debt will be paid.


In case of disability due to illness or accident, the authorized days that cover the disability will be paid.
It only applies for Business Credit, Pyme and Finish your house.

Additional Services

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Volunteer Prevention Program

Clients will have the option of expanding their coverage with the Voluntary Prevention Programs:

Volunteer Prevention Program Platinum


Serious Illness and Extended Life Support

PREMIUM program + 25 thousand pesos

(Extended Life)

In case of serious illnesses, the client receives support of 25 thousand pesos and due to the death of the client, the beneficiary receives additional support to the Basic Program of 25 thousand pesos.

Volunteer Prevention Program Premium


Serious Illness Support

Basic Program + 25 thousand pesos

(Serious Diseases)

For the first diagnosis of: Cancer, Stroke, Heart attack, Serious burns, Organ transplant, our client receives a support of 25 thousand pesos.