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Save in Just 3 Steps

Do you constantly find yourself in the middle of "I want to save" and "you only live once"? After reading this, save in just 3 steps.

We will help you find the middle ground between saving and spending on what you need or want, just keep reading and you will want to start as soon as possible.

As you already know, it is recommended to save between 10% and 30% of your monthly income, but what few tell you is that it is important to consider this amount as a fixed expense within your personal and family budget.

As start?

Do an exercise recording each of the expenses you have throughout the month and set a monthly budget for them; Thus, in addition to promoting your discipline, you will have full knowledge of where your income is going. In the end, you will be able to purge the expenses that you do not need with full consciousness.

Put value to your effort

We all deserve the best but... stop for a moment to think and ask yourself:

  1. I really need it?
  2. Do I need that one specifically?

It is important to give value to things. Sometimes we usually buy things that we can acquire without problems, that is, in a single exhibition and without the need to save; however, these become an ant expense since they do not cover a need.

To save money, these types of purchases can be your worst enemies.

In the event that the amount is greater than a purchase that you can make in a single payment, then ask yourself, is it worth saving for that?

Yes? Start your savings as soon as possible!

No? She continues to save.

Planning is always better

If you have already accommodated your finances to start saving and you know how much you can have for this, then you will know how long you can reach the goal to achieve your savings goal. It's that easy!

Gold tip

Remember! Buying something on sale that you did not have planned is not saving, since you did not have a budget to make that purchase, so be very careful with discounts or plan those events in advance to have an extra mattress in case you find yourself with an irresistible offer.

Save in just 3 steps!

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