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The Secret of a Successful Entrepreneur

What is the secret of a successful entrepreneur? Juana began with the sale of various products more than 10 years ago, currently she continues with her business in the southeast of Mexico with the aim of consolidating it and improving her quality of life. Like Juana, approximately 11.2% of all entrepreneurs in Mexico are women, according to figures from the Association of Entrepreneurs of Mexico (ASEM)

«Look closely at the present you are building, because it must resemble the future you dream of» Alice Walker

Financial autonomy

Self-employment is for many women the opportunity to generate a solid income for their families. One of the benefits is the independence that it generates, in addition, it helps them achieve a very important objective: to improve their quality of life and that of their families.

With a support network, everything is easier

Although organization is important, having additional support makes everything easier and helps to develop greater stability in the life of the entrepreneur and her business. Having a support and sustenance network in case of difficult or unforeseen times in your business is vital; This network can also be a great boost to expand your business or launch new ideas.

Union make force

A good ally of this support network for business owners is Community Banking, a financial product that provides capital for all members of the group with minimum requirements. With this financial product they can increase their merchandise, have more profits and continue to improve the quality of life of their families, while generating economic development in their community.

For Te Creemos it is important to be part of that network of support and growth of female entrepreneurs, offering them benefits and support in forging financial independence. Our goal is to help you in your personal and professional growth by providing services that meet your needs every day.

Call the customer service line 800 400 22 33 or go to Community Banking – Te Creemos there they will give you the necessary information to create your group and promote the growth of your businesses.

Entrepreneurship is not easy but with a support network and Te Creemos if it is.

Now you know what the secret of a successful entrepreneur is, with the right tools, you can do it too!